Nano-hydroxyapatite enriched
Nano-hydroxyapatite is the smallest building block of teeth. Added to toothpaste, it can rebuild enamel and make it strong, smooth and shiny. To find out more about nano-hydroxyapatite, please click here.
Designed for electric and
ultrasonic toothbrushes
MEGASONEX® toothpaste took a radical departure from conventional toothpaste formulation. Rather than develop a formula designed for manual toothbrush users, we specifically formulated our toothpaste around the physics of electric toothbrush brushing. This allowed us to leave out harsh foaming agents like SLS, for example. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about manual toothbrush users… while it is optimized for power toothbrushing, MEGASONEX® is still perfectly usable for everybody.
Professional formula
Developed by chemists in our California research facility who are among the top in their field, we spared no expense to ensure that our toothpaste formulation is able to meet the most stringent criteria of the world’s top dental professionals. Since we rely exclusively on the world’s leading dental professionals to sell our product, we put our efforts into our science, not our advertising.
Reduces plaque
Plaque doesn’t just look bad… it’s bad for your oral health. In addition to causing tartar and cavities, plaque can cause gingivitis and gum bleeding. We use an ingredient called tetrasodium pyrophosphate which prevents plaque from sticking. Also, recent research¹ has found that nano-hydroxyapatite has properties which allow it to encrust harmful bacteria, helping to prevent plaque formation.
Helps fight cavities
Nano-hydroxyapatite helps to safely remineralize enamel, potentially reversing early stage tooth decay (white spot caries) in a way previously unheard of in dentistry².
While fluoride has long been used in toothpastes as an ingredient to help strengthen enamel, we use nano-hydroxyapatite instead, which actually helps to rebuild enamel. This leaves us free to leave fluoride out of our formula. While fluoride is safe and even desirable at low levels, such as are found in everyday foods and drinking water in many countries, too much fluoride can be toxic. Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring compound already found in the mouth in small concentrations, so safe you can swallow it.
Because MEGASONEX® toothpaste is specifically designed for electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes, it harnesses the physics of high frequency bristle action to give you the foaminess you expect without resorting to using undesirable foaming agents like sulfates, including SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which have been shown to contribute to ampthous ulcers and canker sores. Instead, MEGASONEX® uses a milder, coconut-derived ingredient.
Many people go out of their way to avoid preservatives in the foods they eat, but don’t realize that the toothpastes they put into their mouths after every meal are filled with the very same compounds. We questioned this practice from the start, paying a premium for a formula and packaging that allow us to create a product that is free from parabens and all other preservatives.
For sensitive teeth
Tooth sensitivity often happens when the enamel of your teeth gets worn away, exposing the layer of dentin below. Dentin contains tiny tubules that connect directly to the pulp, where the nerves that tell your brain when your teeth are in pain reside. Without the protective layer of enamel, these nerves can get easily stimulated, causing you to reel in pain. MEGASONEX® goes beyond other sensitivity toothpastes to actually help to plug up the tubules and then help to rebuild enamel over the top of them, a process which has been clinically proven³ to provide relief from this kind of pain.
Because our formula is chock full of tiny building blocks of teeth, it can help to literally fill up the pits and fissures in your tooth enamel with naturally white nano-hydroxyapatite, leaving your teeth smooth and shiny, which makes them not only stronger, but look whiter as well.
pH balanced
Maintaining optimal pH in the mouth is essential for avoiding demineralization of your teeth or accumulation of harmful brushite crystallization, leading to calculus formation. Because of this, we’ve carefully balanced our toothpaste ingredients to achieve a neutral pH and have included natural pH buffers in our formulation to ensure that pH is carefully controlled at all times.
Low abrasion
Many whitening toothpastes take the easy way out when it comes to whitening… by including very abrasive particles in their formulations. While literally scraping your teeth to death will clean the plaque off them and make them whiter, it can permanently damage your teeth. While our toothpaste does have some abrasives as well, we carefully select particles that provide just enough polishing to clean your teeth properly and nothing more.
Mild taste
Because we left out many of the nasty-tasting chemical compounds found in traditional toothpaste formulations, we were able to create a toothpaste with a subtle minty taste. It’s just strong enough to give you the cool, refreshing sensation you’re used to, but mild enough to avoid interfering with your taste… even orange juice tastes just fine after you brush your teeth.
Every tube of MEGASONEX® toothpaste is manufactured in our spotlessly clean high-tech, US FDA-registered facility in California, staffed with scientists trained at some of the world’s top research universities. We maintain a stringent quality control system overseeing every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each tube of toothpaste we make meets our very exacting standards.
We manufacture according to the highest ethical standards and personally inspect our suppliers’ facilities to ensure that workers are treated the way we would like to be treated. Click here to find out more… We also have a companywide policy against animal testing.
Great for orthodontic
and implant patients
Orthodontic and implant patients are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay, as orthodontic appliances, bridges, crowns and implants create food traps and make brushing more difficult, creating an ideal breeding ground for decay-causing bacteria to form. You’ve invested a lot to make sure your smile is straight, so make sure it’s a strong and healthy one. Using the right toothpaste just might be the best investment you can make for your teeth.
Safe for children
Unlike most other toothpastes, which contain toxic ingredients like fluoride, here at MEGASONEX®, we believe that patient safety always comes first. That’s why we carefully selected safe, non-toxic alternatives to these standard ingredients. In fact, MEGASONEX® toothpaste is so safe that even children and astronauts can swallow it without any ill effects.

¹Fujimaru, T, Ishizaki, T, Hayman, R & Senpuku, H 2007, ‘Adsorption of oral pathogenic microbes by small crystal hydroxyapatite’, Journal of Dental Research, vol. 86, Special Issue A. 


²Unfortunately, once tooth decay goes beyond the white spot stage, only a dental professional can treat you. This is why we recommend that everybody visit their dentist on a regular basis.


³Ohta, K, Kawamata, H, Ishizaki, T & Hayman, R 2007, ‘Occlusion of Dental Tubules by Nano-Hydroxyapatite’, Journal of Dental Research, vol. 86, Special Issue A.