About Us

MEGASONEX® is manufactured by Goldspire Group, Ltd., a startup founded by one of the world’s leading experts in the area of tooth whitening and ultrasound tooth cleaning. Combining the expertise of the inventor of ultrasonic tooth cleaning technology with a cutting-edge Japanese design refined in California and a new state-of-the-art manufacturing complex, no expense has been spared to ensure that MEGASONEX® products are without equal.


Goldspire has a strict corporate policy of manufacturing using fair and ethical suppliers. Senior management make personal visits to all manufacturing partners to ensure that every MEGASONEX® product is made by happy, well-paid, well-rested workers in a clean, safe, modern environment that complies with the most stringent environmental and labor laws applicable in their region.


Goldspire also has a strict corporate policy of putting quality first. Every component used to make MEGASONEX® is periodically inspected and approved by senior management and a leading Swiss quality audit firm. Goldspire pays extra to ensure that industry-leading components are used along every step of the manufacturing process and that extra steps are taken to ensure that exact specifications are met, from the frequency tolerance of the Megacrystal™ down to the taper angles at the tips of the finest bristle hairs. Each MEGASONEX® ultrasound toothbrush is inspected more than 30 times along the manufacturing line to ensure that every step in the manufacturing process has been followed to exact procedure. On top of this, brushes from each lot of MEGASONEX® production are subject to the equivalent of years of heavy use with state-of-the-art quality assurance processes, ensuring that standards of quality stay consistently excellent.


Of course, this passion for perfection comes at a cost. We could make higher profit margins, or a cheaper product, but we take pride in knowing that we can be more than just another corporation chasing after profits. Here at Goldspire, we are passionate about equipping the world with the finest tools to bring a beautiful smile to your face.


Goldspire is always looking for talent. If you believe you would like to work for Goldspire, complete an internship in Hong Kong or work with Goldspire to distribute MEGASONEX® in new markets, please visit our careers page.