Imagine a toothbrush so powerful, it makes 192,000,000 movements per minute, yet, thanks to its low-amplitude design, is among the gentlest toothbrushes in its class. Imagine a toothbrush that marries therapeutic 1.6 MHz ultrasonic motion with conventional sonic action to create a brushing experience like no other. Imagine a toothbrush that has been designed to feel like an extension of the hand, specifically created to make cleaning the hardest to reach areas in your mouth an effortless experience. Imagine a toothbrush of the very highest quality, an engineering masterpiece that is years ahead of its time.


Introducing MEGASONEX®—The Ultrasound Toothbrush®


Ultra Gentle. Mega Clean.®


Please explore its features, learn about the science behind it, or learn why there is nothing else quite like it.