Tongue Scraper


Tongue cleaning is an essential part of your daily dental hygiene routine. Many of the same bacteria that cause plaque, bad breath and other problems in the mouth accumulate on your tongue and need to be regularly removed. Yet, up until now, the tools for tongue cleaning have been quite primitive.


Introducing the world’s first ultrasonic tongue scraper… from MEGASONEX®.


Rather than make money selling a whole new machine, we decided to make great tongue hygiene accessible to every owner of a MEGASONEX® toothbrush. Our tongue scraper takes the form of an attachment that you can fasten to the end of your toothbrush handle with a flick of the wrist. Just replace your brush head with the MEGASONEX® tongue scraper attachment and voilà… your toothbrush has been magically transformed into the world’s most powerful tongue cleaning machine. Please explore its features, learn about the science behind tongue cleaning or learn about how to use it for best results.