Megasonex Toothbrush
Precision brush head
Compact precision brush heads are available in two dentist-recommended thicknesses—soft and medium. MEGASONEX® brush heads are specifically designed to be maneuverable in the hardest-to-reach areas of the mouth. Each bristle is crafted out of ultra-fine Dupont Tynex® fibers, the gold standard in the industry and is then polished to perfection using an advanced process that smooths the sharp edges of the tiny fibers into a soft, gentle tip.
17mm Megacrystal™
A proprietary component, embedded in the tip of the brush during a highly precise process by skilled technicians, generates therapeutic 1.6MHz ultrasound waves. This piece of crystalline tecnology is so advanced, it requires special clearance from the US military before it can be exported.
Twist-lock fastener
Changing brush heads takes merely a flick of a wrist, thanks to our proprietary twist-lock fastener. And, with the purchase of the MEGASONEX® Ultrasound Tongue Scraper, you can just as easily transform your toothbrush into the world’s most powerful tongue cleaning machine.
Speed selector
MEGASONEX® believes in giving you control when it comes to your oral hygiene. That’s why, in addition to the silent and ultra-gentle therapeutic 1.6MHz ultrasound frequency that is emitted whenever the toothbrush is turned on, you get to choose the sonic speed you want to accompany it. Press the button once and the toothbrush will make 18,000 movements of sonic action per minute, comparable to other leading sonic toothbrushes. Press the button twice and the toothbrush will make 9,000 movements per minute of sonic action for a gentler experience. For the ultimate in gentleness, press the button three times to emit pure ultrasound with no sonic action whatsoever.
Ultrasound indicator
Since ultrasound is sound you can’t hear, our toothbrush has a blue ultrasound indicator to let you know that it is emitting true ultrasound at the therapeutic 1.6MHz frequency.
Charge indicator
The rechargeable Megabattery™ lasts for up to 2 weeks’ of brushing on one charge. To inform you when the Megabattery™ is running low, this light will flash red and turn back to white when it is fully recharged.

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