Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is plain and simple: we believe in giving patients nothing but the very best tools and knowledge available in order to bring dazzlingly healthy smiles to the world. Because of this, we spare no expense and take our time to produce products that amaze even us. If we develop something that our competitors can do better than us, we would rather recommend their products than sell something we don’t believe in. Of course, sticking to these principles cuts into our profits, but we believe that honesty leads to trusting customers who spread the word about our products and ultimately make our company and the world’s smiles healthier.


We also believe that knowledge is power. As leaders in developing dental technology, we feel it is our duty to educate our customers and competitors’ customers alike, so that everybody can learn about the best practices in dental hygiene. That’s why we are continually developing educational materials about dental hygiene for consumers, hygienists, dentists, researchers and our partners alike. While we can produce the best tools for dental hygiene today, the knowledge of how to use them is just as important in our quest to help the world to smile.


We only sell through a select few leading dental professionals and specialty dental resellers, not retail stores, because our products are at the cutting-edge of dental science. We want to make sure that each of our customers is able to learn about the products they buy from leaders in the field… people who truly understand our technology and are able to answer your questions in a knowledgable and caring manner.


We believe in producing quality products that look beautiful and are built to last. Because the technology we use is expensive to produce, we have to sell our products at a premium price. While people don’t mind paying for great technology, we think it is only fair that if a product is going to be priced like a luxury product, it should be luxurious. Our product has been designed by leading Japanese designers known for creating tools that are iconic in their minimalistic beauty. We have also taken cues from leading purveyors of luxury goods in order to provide our product in packaging that makes even dental hygiene tools seem like decadent gifts. More importantly, we have also scrutinized our components and production process so that we can ensure that every product with our name on it is made to an industry-leading standard of quality, so that your investment in our technology will pay for itself many times over its lifetime. Because of this unprecedented level of quality, we are able to offer a comprehensive limited warranty on each and every toothbrush we produce.


We also believe that the way we produce our products is as important as the products we produce. The most beautiful-looking product can turn ugly fast if unsavory truths from its past surface. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that every worker that touches our products is happy, paid a fair wage and is proud of what they do. That’s also why we have specifically designed our products and production processes to be friendly to the environment, whether it means paying extra for a reusable box for our toothbrushes, using factories that follow stringent environmental standards or developing a charging mechanism for our toothbrushes that saves electricity. Since we share this planet with our customers, our workers and everyone else, the least we can do is to protect it.