Our Factories

Here at Goldspire, the makers of MEGASONEX® products, we believe in producing everything we make in state-of-the-art facilities staffed with happy, well-paid workers who take pride in their work, even if it means that we make a little less profit.  Goldspire Group Limited, and all of its affiliates have a companywide no-sweatshop policy. Workers are paid fair living wages, are given ample time off to rest throughout the work day and are treated like family.  We also endeavor to find suppliers who share our philosophy to the maximum extent possible.


Our toothbrushes are made in a state-of-the-art facility that complies with the most stringent of international directives, including ISO-9001.  All toothbrushes are produced according to an exacting multi-step production process and quality is inspected along more than a dozen stages in the production process, following a rigorous plan developed by a leading Swiss quality control consultancy.


Our toothpaste is made in a state-of-the-art facility that complies with the most rigorous standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration.  It uses the latest automated equipment to ensure high precision and the utmost in hygiene.  Located in California nearby top-tier research universities, all of its operations are overseen by scientists versed in cutting-edge developments in chemistry, engineering and dental hygiene.